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Giving young people the opportunity to explore coding, physical computing and web page design in a fully inclusive environment.

We're part of Scratch Day 2016 14th May 2016 #ScratchDay

As part of Scratch Day celebrations – Kano have invited South London Raspberry Jam: to the HQ for their 3rd Jam

Kano Invites South London Raspberry Jam: to celebrate Scratch Day & all things to do with Coding at their HQ's in Whitechapel on Saturday 14th May 2016.

3rd South London Raspberry Jam

with Computing At School SEN TeachMeet in the morning.

Kano HQ, 69-79 Mile End Road, London, E1 4TT

*** Photos, Videos and Tweets from Saturday, May 14th's Event ***

Ticket Only Event

This Scratch Day event is planned and hosted by South London Raspberry Jam, and has not been approved or endorsed by MIT.

Computing At School SEN TeachMeet

CAS SEN TeachMeet: 10am – 1.00pm

The coding community are looking to promote diversity and inclusion in teaching and coding events to encourage children to explore coding. South London Raspberry Jam: (SLRJam) have enjoyed successfully engaging with young children whilst promoting an Autism and Tourette's Syndrome friendly ethos.

The SLRJam: team, supported by CAS London, are adding a Special Education Needs (SEN) TeachMeet to their Jam, for 30 teachers. After introductions, there will be a series of Micro (7 mins) and Nano (3 mins) presentations, a 'Using the BBC Micro:bit’ workshop run by Microsoft's Stuart Ball ( Community & Education), a range of coding taster workshops along with a discussion around Autism awareness.

There will also be 10 tickets available for teachers to join the SLRJam: in the afternoon. Places will be limited, so sign up early.

Book Tickets: CAS SEN TeachMeet

Schedule for the morning:

South London Raspberry Jam: 1.30pm – 4.30pm

An exciting Computer Coding event will be taking place at Kano’s HQ in the afternoon of Saturday 14th May, to celebrate Scratch Day. If you’re between the age of 5 and 15 – come and find out about building the Kano computer kit and exploring their coding applications, hacking with Minecraft, video game design in Scratch, building a robot with the Crumble or Raspberry Pi and getting your hands on a BBC micro:bit. Children will also have the opportinuty to do some soldering, making cool circut board badges that light up in our open maker space.

Children will also have the opportunity soldering – making cool circuit-board badges that light up in our open maker space.

Parents also get the chance to code with the BBC micro:bit and experience the joys of Minecraft.

This is a ‘ticket only’ event. Children must be accompanied by a parent/carer.

*Autism & Tourette's Syndrome friendly.

Book Tickets: South London Raspberry Jam

Schedule for the afternoon:

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Email List Registration.

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