Review of our first South London Raspberry Jam

Photo of two people building a Kano computer.

What an amazing success for our first South London Raspberry Jam. We had 47 young coding enthusiasts and 25 parents/carers – 50% of attendees from Autism/Tourette’s Syndrome families.

We offered 11 different workshops:-

  • Python Coding with Minecraft
  • Physical Computing on Raspberry Pi using Scratch/Python
  • Build your own Web Page
  • Making Graphics for Web Design using Processing
  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Video Game Making with Scratch
  • Introduction to Sonic Pi – Live Coding
  • Introduction to Minecraft for Parents on iPads/Lapdocks
  • Electric Circuits with Playdough
  • Creative Crafts with Circuits
  • Make a Computer with Kano

Our workshop leaders, young coding mentors, library staff and volunteers did a sterling job creating a real buzz and environment of inclusiveness. Parents reported that they’d enjoyed learning more about coding, physical computing and seeing their children enjoying themselves. The children, well, they just didn’t want the event to end and can’t wait for the next event.

Thank you – all of you who have given inspiration, support and generous donations – to make it happen. Next – we are going to run a code club and then get our young coders to organise the next Jam on 12th December.

See Femi’s excellent review of our Jam – from a 9 yr old’s perspective at

What did you enjoy the most?

Word Cloud

Word cloud list: liked, best, loved, Minecraft, Kano, children, enjoyed, Thanks, Fantastic, coding, learnt, things, made, etc...


“The thing I enjoyed most about today is that I learnt a lot about using Python whilst having fun creating things in Minecraft.”

“Interaction and seeing young children engaging in coding. Just amazing!!!”

“Interaction and seeing young children engaging in coding. Just amazing!!!”

“Creating the Scratch Donkey Kong game that I made.”

“Made my son feel so included. Thank you :)”

“Putting the Kano together made them understand what the things were for but they loved the coding too, all of my children want one now.”

“I enjoyed everything especially seeing how to build the Kano computer.”

“Getting taught Minecraft by someone 20 years younger than me.”

“I liked how you made coding seem so easy. I learnt some fundamentals of processing -which was very interesting.”

“I loved hacking games. It was Amazing :)”

“I liked making computers the best.”

“Fantastic Day! I loved building computers and circuits with Play-dough. Thank you Grace and the rest of the team.”

“I liked the music software – it was really fun.”

“Superb inclusive and encouraging atmosphere and spirit.”

“Hacking Minecraft and using the Kano OS.”

“The best thing was doing it and looking at it and thinking ‘I did that!’ :)”

“Meeting new and interesting people – children and adults – talking about and learning new things, Thank you.”

“I am impressed by the range of workshops available.”

“I enjoyed going on and learning HTML and other codes.”

“I loved it and will tell my friend and will come back. Loved it. :)”

Photo Gallery

See a collection of photos from the day’s events.