Access for All

At South London Raspberry Jam, we believe that our workshops and coding clubs should be accessible to everyone. In particular, we recognise that there are people who are interested in the Raspberry Pi, computing and programming who have additional support needs which, if not acknowledged and provided for, can act as a barrier to participation. We will do our best to make sure everyone has a good time at our events.

Our events are fully inclusive and signposted as Autism and Tourette’s friendly environments. We also actively endeavour to raise awareness around diversity, equality and inclusion. For example, we actively encourage girls and young women to fully participate in all our events as they are often under-represented in the field of computing and technology.

If you have any queries around Autism and Tourette’s Syndrome, you can contact us through our website or talk to the lead champion – Grace Owolade-Coombes. The links at the bottom of the page are also useful.

Actions and policies

  1. When a ticket is booked, we will enable participants with additional needs to be identified so we can prepare in advance for any adaptation we may need to make.
  2. For each workshop session, we will obtain a breakdown of what will be happening in that session. This will enable us to give an outline timetable of what is going to happen before the session. Please request enlarged copy of hand-outs if required.
  3. At the time of booking on workshops, we will make the working arrangements, clear as possible. Normally arrangement participants work in pairs on one Raspberry Pi workstation. This is not always appropriate for some visitors and so we will do our best to provide a small number of workshop spaces for one participant and one parent/carer.
  4. Where participants with additional needs have booked on workshops, we will ask them if they need to sit somewhere specific in the room and do our best to accommodate their request.
  5. Parents or carers accompanying participants with additional support needs must ensure that they give this support themselves during the workshop and other activities. They must remain in the building at all times, as required for all parents/carers with children under 16.
  6. We will notify workshop volunteers and mentors that they have visitors with additional needs in the room. This should allow them to a) be aware of any additional support needs and b) know that they can ask the parent or carer to help.
  7. Where possible we will designate part of the venue as a breakout area. This will provide parents/carers with an emergency respite area for when they just need peace and quiet for a short period of time. Thanks to Michael Horne & Tim Richardson [CamJam] for allowing us to utilise their ‘Access for All’ statement as a template and to Tourette’s Action for their professional editorial support.

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