What is a Raspberry Pi

For many people, the fact that this £25 computer can sit on the shelf, connected to the internet doing automated tasks, with a program written yourself is enough. But for some, connecting switches, LED’s, sensors, door-locks, motors, and even garage doors – controlled by Twitter, the weather, movement or a camera is something more than an off the PC shelf can give and leads to much more than just a hobby.

40 pins for connecting the RaspberryPi to the worldIt can be done safely, using low voltage kits – the Pi can even be powered by batteries and the stuff you’re messing around with can too. Start off with the simple Scratch programming tool, then you could move over to writing code with Python maybe? The Pi is great for budding entrepreneurs, scientists and computer code developers, which is why we are keen to hold this event for the young people of Ipswich, and the older people that may miss those days of the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Apple II and many more programmable computers.

Image: these pins let the Pi talk to a huge range of electronic devices.

Raspberry Pi computer

Source: Flickr user: Pierre Lecourt

Learn more at the Raspberry Pi Foundation website.